[Research subject] Comprehensive health survey in the TB-endemic area

  We are conducting comprehensive health survey in collaboration with several institutes including Institutes of Tropical Medicine of Nagasaki University.  The impact of multiple infections including viruses, bacteria, and parasites has been assessed.  We are also aiming to elucidate the impact of ecological and socio-economic factors that may influence the composition and frequency of infectious diseases.  We first surveyed the prevalence and diversity of parasitic disease in a rural area of Kenya and found association between M. tuberculosis and hookworm infections.  We also found some of nutrition factors are risk of M. tuberculosis infection.  

Nagi et al, PloS Neg Trop Dis 2014  
Inoue et al J Trop Dis 2013
The sceses of the survey at the primary schools
in Mbita and Kwale, Kenya