Welcome to Department of Bacteriology, Niigata Univ. School of Medicine

Our lab is for the fights against infectious diseases.  We are focusing our research on tuberculosis (TB), which causes over million deaths annually, and related mycobacterial diseases from both pathogen and host sides.

We do
1 Basic research to clarify the molecular mechanisms of tuberculosis and other mycobacterial diseases.
2 Both basic and translational research for development of diagnosis, drugs, and vaccines in order to eradicate TB and related diseases.
3 Surveys in the TB-endemic area, such as Africa and Asia, and global cooperation.

  We devote our efforts to「Important issues」and「Things seem interesting but no one ever done」by the support with advanced scientific technologies.  I think every biological phenomenon has each precious value.  It is thus really fun to dedicate our time to researching the biology including pathogenesis.  We also push our scientific act eventually will lead to eradication of the intractable diseases.  
  We are welcome to anybody who has enthusiasms to conduct medical and biological sciences as a post doctoral fellow and a student of mater’s or doctor’s degree, regardless whether who has experiences or not.


Professor and Chairman, Sohkichi Matsumoto, DDS, Ph.D.
Department of Bacteriology,
Niigata University Graduate School of Medical and Dental Sciences,

Survey in primary school in Kwale, Kenya   At sunset, after the survey
 Lake Victoria and us in Mbita, Africa

Research mates on the roof of the boat      
in the Indian Ocean (Africa).                                   BSL3 facility in the lab, Niigata Univ

With lab mates in the farewell trip to hot spring, “Urashima” in Kansai, Japan.
(Previous lab., Dep. Bacteriology, School of Med, Osaka City University)